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WoW Druid Leveling Guide – Why Use One?

Try Dugi's Horde Leveling Guide FREEDruids, whilst one of the most flexible classes available to play, can be one of the most challenging. A World Of Warcraft Druid Leveling Guide may be a necessity for quick and efficient levelling. Whether you are just beginning or one your twentieth character, a guide is usually of some use.

Now that Cataclysm has hit the World Of Warcraft, Druid Leveling Guides are having to be rewritten. Since every part of the world has changed and is now a 'new' zone even those that have levelled multiple characters before are clueless when faced with these new areas and quest chains. Whilst many of the quests remain the same, many are new, and quest chains have evolved.

As well as showing the most quick and efficient paths in levelling your druid, guides can also detail the best talents to spec for specific situations and a wealth of other knowledge. Some guides may tell you how and where to get the correct gear and how to play your challenging new character. Even the most seemingly insignificant piece of information can make a huge impact on your experience.

The druid consists of 3 separate roles in one character. They are capable of being a healer, tank or dps. With each of their forms comes a separate set of statistics requiring different armour. This is part of what makes the class so challenging.

The race you choose can make your druid a little more effective and certain professions can help you in later levels. If you are trying to level quickly it is important to take all minor tweaks into account as combined together they can significantly speed up your time. It can take hours to research the best tweaks to use and a guide will usually contain them all.

Other things to remember about levelling in Cataclysm are that some guilds may have an experience boost. This will increase experience gained from killing monsters and handing in quests and is achieved by a guild reaching level 2. Higher levels for guilds unlock further bonuses including further experience gain and increased mount speeds which can speed up your levelling.

Generally a guide is the quickest way to the level you are trying to achieve, whether it is 60, 70 or 85. Guides will usually omit quests that do not provide a worthwhile gain and include only tasks that provide the quickest route through the game. With the hundreds of quests now available to choose from it is difficult to know which ones are necessary and which could be setting you back.

Many guides today include in game helpers that guide you directly within the game interface. This speeds things up as there are no lengthy pages to read and brings an end to the need for alt-tab. It is one of the most effective ways to use a guide and most are configured to comply with the World Of Warcraft terms and conditions.

If you are trying to level your druid quickly then a World Of Warcraft Druid Leveling Guide is something to consider. Many guides span their levelling over just a few days meaning you can easily build up your character within weeks rather than the months it used to take. With the race to end game content currently on the move it is more important than ever to get there fast.  You just need to get Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide.

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Druid Leveling Guide

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Leveling a Druid can be extremely challenging. There is always 3 talent trees: Feral, Restoration, and Balance. So, which is the best for leveling? What is considered the best spec to help you get towards the level cap easiest and quickest?

In addition to the best tree and spec, what about areas, quests, and dungeons? Sure, there's some addons offered that will reveal to you the shortest distance and order of quests dependant upon anything you have on your quest log, but those addons don't show you what quests are great and which ones are the most effective. They only show you the shortest way to finish what you've picked up. That's hardly efficient.

Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide is exactly what you need. It's an addon which has not just the most beneficial talent tree and spec for leveling your Druid, but it also contains guides for leveling from level one entirely up to the level cap. This guide contains a GPS arrow which will present to you the direction to go, the order of the quests, and tell you exactly what to do so you don't even need to spend your time reading the quest if you don't want to.

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