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WoW Druid Leveling Guide – Why Use One?

Try Dugi's Horde Leveling Guide FREEDruids, whilst one of the most flexible classes available to play, can be one of the most challenging. A World Of Warcraft Druid Leveling Guide may be a necessity for quick and efficient levelling. Whether you are just beginning or one your twentieth character, a guide is usually of some use.

Now that Cataclysm has hit the World Of Warcraft, Druid Leveling Guides are having to be rewritten. Since every part of the world has changed and is now a 'new' zone even those that have levelled multiple characters before are clueless when faced with these new areas and quest chains. Whilst many of the quests remain the same, many are new, and quest chains have evolved.

As well as showing the most quick and efficient paths in levelling your druid, guides can also detail the best talents to spec for specific situations and a wealth of other knowledge. Some guides may tell you how and where to get the correct gear and how to play your challenging new character. Even the most seemingly insignificant piece of information can make a huge impact on your experience.

The druid consists of 3 separate roles in one character. They are capable of being a healer, tank or dps. With each of their forms comes a separate set of statistics requiring different armour. This is part of what makes the class so challenging.

The race you choose can make your druid a little more effective and certain professions can help you in later levels. If you are trying to level quickly it is important to take all minor tweaks into account as combined together they can significantly speed up your time. It can take hours to research the best tweaks to use and a guide will usually contain them all.

Other things to remember about levelling in Cataclysm are that some guilds may have an experience boost. This will increase experience gained from killing monsters and handing in quests and is achieved by a guild reaching level 2. Higher levels for guilds unlock further bonuses including further experience gain and increased mount speeds which can speed up your levelling.

Generally a guide is the quickest way to the level you are trying to achieve, whether it is 60, 70 or 85. Guides will usually omit quests that do not provide a worthwhile gain and include only tasks that provide the quickest route through the game. With the hundreds of quests now available to choose from it is difficult to know which ones are necessary and which could be setting you back.

Many guides today include in game helpers that guide you directly within the game interface. This speeds things up as there are no lengthy pages to read and brings an end to the need for alt-tab. It is one of the most effective ways to use a guide and most are configured to comply with the World Of Warcraft terms and conditions.

If you are trying to level your druid quickly then a World Of Warcraft Druid Leveling Guide is something to consider. Many guides span their levelling over just a few days meaning you can easily build up your character within weeks rather than the months it used to take. With the race to end game content currently on the move it is more important than ever to get there fast.  You just need to get Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide.

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WoW Rogue Leveling Guide – How To Get Capped Fast

Try Dugi's Horde Leveling Guide FREEBefore using a World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling Guide you should first know how to play your class most effectively. This requires picking the best racial skills, talent builds and professions. All of these things combined together are capable of helping you to level much faster.

Rogue talent builds are generally good for levelling with few changes in Cataclysm. Assassination and combat talents provide excellent damage skills whilst subtlety provides you with more ability to survive. All of the potential rogue builds are viable but it can help to research which one best fits your playing style.

The racial skills you decide on will affect whether your character is better for PvP or PvE. For PvP, undead, humans and gnomes have excellent escape abilities. Blood elves come equipped with an extra silence ability. Orc and Troll berserk abilities can be useful as a rogue and the new races come with their own unique skills. Worgens gain an increased 1% crit chance and Goblins provide you with 1% haste.

For PvE the extra weapon expertise provided by humans, dwarves and gnomes can be useful, whilst the extra Worgen crit chance is still a healthy bonus. The orc enrage ability combined with expertise makes this race a good choice, whilst the troll berserk ability increases attack speed.

As so many races have skills suitable for a rogue it is best to choose one that compliments your playing style. There are subtle differences to the non combat racial bonuses available so it may be best to check the full list of skills available. Generally the only best choice will come from how you personally play your character.

The weapons your character will use will depend on the talent build you have chosen. It is generally recommended that rogues use a slow and high damage main hand weapon combined with a fast and high dps offhand weapon. Maces are generally the best main hand weapon whilst the fast speed on daggers makes them a good choice.

Glyphs and professions can help boost your strengths so should be chosen depending on your talent build. These can help to speed up your levelling slightly but do not give a significant bonus. The best professions are generally gathering professions rather than crafting. Mining gives a slight boost to stamina, skinning a slight boost to crit chance and herbalism adds a heal that boosts haste. These also prevent the need to buy costly crafting materials and allow you to make gold while you level.

Once you have your character created you may want to think about gear. Rogues need stamina and agility and critical strike rating is available at higher levels. Most gear for levelling can be found from quest rewards, dungeons and on the auction house. Once you have your character prepared it is time to start thinking about a World of Warcraft Rogue Leveling guide to boost your rogue and help you level as fast as possible. With the increased experience bonus available for guilds it can help to play with friends too.  All you need is Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide.
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WoW Mage Leveling Guide – What You Should Know

Try Dugi's Horde Leveling Guide FREESlinging mighty spells, blasting enemies to bits and controlling the battlefield with ease. These are the traits of a mage in almost every fantasy setting. Using a World of Warcraft mage leveling guide can help a player move from level 1 to level 85 in the quickest possible manner. The key to raising in level fast is knowing how to handle the class.

Like all classes in the game, mages can benefit from three different unique talent trees. These trees represent different paths that a caster can take to customize their character. Arcane, Fire and Frost are the three trees available to a mage.

The Arcane tree is the universal talent specialization that deals in the bread and butter spells in a caster's arsenal. Arcane spells deal with augmenting magic energies and some signature powers in the section include Slow, Arcane Power (which increases the raw damage output of the caster), and Presence of Mind, a power that reduces the casting time of spells to instantaneous. The Arcane tree is great for player versus player leveling in the new experience enabled battlegrounds.

For group leveling, the Fire specialization really gets a chance to shine. Fire specialization works by enhancing the raw sustained damaged of a caster by enhancing the direct damage spells that fall under the fire descriptor. The tree lacks much of the control granted by the other two specializations, and as such, seem to perform best when paired with other players that can provide either battlefield control or a body to soak damage. The key powers in the Fire specialization include Hot Streak, Dragon's Breath and Living Bomb.

When it comes to crowd control, the Frost specialization has no peers. Almost every talent in the tree enhances the mage's ability to slow and lock down their rivals. A Frost wizard doesn't have the tools of an Arcane caster, or the damage output of a Fire wielder, but does the job well by combining both. Frost mages will find game-play easier in player versus player and group play, but also shine at solo play. A well specialized Frost caster, with points in Ice Barrier, Permafrost and Deep Freeze, can keep numerous targets stunned and frozen, while pelting them with ice.

Grinding is a tried and true method of adventuring and involves picking one area of the world, killing everything that spawns, and repeating this process over and over again. In the early days of World of Warcraft, it was one of the fastest. These days, with better designed quests, more quest experience, and better flow, grinding is not nearly as efficient as it once was. With that in mind, sometimes grinding is a great way to level without spending too much brain power. Grinding is also good for gatherers who are planning on building their professions while leveling. If a mage choose to grind as their primary form of leveling, Frost specialization is the way to go.

From the Burning Crusade expansion and on, the World of Warcraft developers have made adventuring through questing much more efficient. Quests flow nicely, group together well, and provide excellent experience points, gold and equipment rewards. In the most recent expansions, raising your character through questing is the most efficient and time rewarding method of leveling, and should be the method used by any mage serious about getting to the maximum level in a short amount of time.

The mage is an exciting class that is fun to play and provides utility and damage to parties and guilds. With three robust talent trees, these casters offer versatility and re-playability. The best way to get to know the class is by leveling one, and the best way to do that is by using a World of Warcraft mage leveling guide such as Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide.
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WoW Paladin Leveling Guide – Don’t Waste Time!

Try Dugi's Horde Leveling Guide FREEThe Paladin has gotten some amazing boosts with the WoTLK expansion. It is mainly their damage tree that has gained a lot of enhancements. In this guide I will show you which abilities should be used and for what reason.

Let’s have a look at the build:

Paladin Leveling Build

You essentially take all the Retribution talents with the exception of Deflection and Divine Purpose, except if you plan to play with somebody else frequently, then you can make a few modifications and use Divine Purpose.

What makes the Retribution tree so strong? To start off with you will strengthen your Blessing of Might which is the Blessing you will be utilizing on yourself all the time to raise your attack power. Then you got your Improved Judgment which allows you to use Judgments more often which also results in a lot more damage output.

Heart of the Crusader is not only fantastic for single playing and can also boost the damage of entire parties and even raids. Pursuit of Justice is really good because it increases both your movement speed as well as the mounted movement speed by 16%!
Then you have some other nice skills and you will end up being able to choose Sanctified Retribution which makes it possible for you to turn on your Retribution Aura which boosts Holy damage done by 10% which is really good. This one gets even better when you get the Improved and Swift retribution enhancements more down in the talent tree.

You will also be able to take Repentance which is a great crowd control ability. The Art of War allows you to promptly heal when some of your damaging skills have a critical strike and that is just awesome because it keep you going. You will need some mana even so but that is provided through Judgements of the Wise which gives a nice boost to your Judgement spells: you will get 15% of your mana anytime you cast a Judgement spell and you will also get the replenishment effect which restores even more mana.

With Crusader Strike and Divine Storm you will acquire two ace talents when it comes down to dealing very good damage. Along with your Seal of Command and your Retribution Aura you will be able to deal out immense damage. Righteous Vengeance is also really good and adds to all the damage dealt in the form of a DoT (damage over time) ability.

All collectively you can say that the Retribution tree is just fantastic for leveling. While still being able to heal you can hand out considerable amounts of damage and hit that level cap in no-time.

Truly, the most effective thing to do is invest in gaining an Ultimate WoW Guide, that way you've got lvling guides for all classes and sides, as well as gold farming guides, dailies guides, sometimes achievement guides. I mean, it makes complete sense why you would want a full guide to World of Warcraft as a substitute of just researching one Paladin Leveling Guide. I realize that right now, that is what you are leveling. But what about in the foreseeable future? Wouldn't it be less complicated and faster to have that stuff right in the front of you continually?
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Warlock Leveling Guide – The Easiest Way To Level Your Lock

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Warlocks are simple to level. Not only do they get a pet to help them but they also have a wide range of damage, fear and AoE spells allowing them to level up quickly. The Life Tap spell helps to convert health into mana allowing you to continue casting without breaks, and then the Drain Life spell refills your lost health, if necessary. Most of the time, however, you won’t need this spell because you can use fear or your pet will take the brunt of the damage allowing you to restore life while you fight.

The Create Healthstone and Create Soulstone abilities are two that should be used often. Healthstones will often save your life, but if you do happen to die a Soulstone can resurrect you immediately.

Your best bet as a Warlock is to use the Affliction talent tree until at least level 70.

Warlock Leveling Build 1-70 Affliction

The Aflliction talent tree will not only increase your DoT spells but it will allow you to learn some other helpful spells. You start off with Improved Curse of Agony. Both your Suppression and an Improved Drain Soul will help out with your mana, as well as your Soul Siphon and an Improved Life Tap to sustain your health and mana levels.

Then if you want to cast better and faster you will get Amplify Curse and Fel Concentration. After that your range and the damage of some spells will be increased. One of the options you are given is the Curse of Exhaustion, which is great for PvP realms. Other good bonuses are the Siphon Life and Shadow Mastery skills.

Unstable Affliction and Haunt are two other great damage spells and improving your Felhunter will help with Dark Pact.

After you get to Northrend it’s a good idea to switch your talent tree to a Demonology – Affliction mix.

Warlock Leveling Build 70-80 Demonology - Affliction

Basically this mix is about having Siphon Life and Felguard. The DoT’s a Warlock has will continue to give you good damage while you boost your Demon Pets. A bonus of having your Affliction tree in the mix is the health gains offered which, as stated previously, allows you to convert mana so there is virtually no down time.

The Demonology should be added second because it consumes too much mana to effectively level you whereas the Affliction tree is great for preserving mana and dealing a lot of damage. With an Affliction talent build you are able to place all of your DoT’s on mobs, speeding up your leveling process. Your survival rate will increase as you level with the Affliction and Demonology trees. Your Felguard pet will also add to your damage. They are able to tank mobs with their Cleave while you place your DoT’s.

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Locks have normally been a decent class to have fun. For some reason they consistently appeared amazing, Blizzard usually created the sweetest tiers sets for them, next they have those neat class mounts. Having said that, it is certainly not primarily the look that matters and the Locks have plenty a lot more to offer. The Warlocks are good casters and utilise the Schools of Fire and Shadow damage besides as a vast array of assorted Fear spells and a Demonic Pet to produce serious pain on their opponents. You have to even discover a Warlock Leveling Guide.

Everyone could select a diverse pet fortotally different situations. Anyone could decide upon among an Imp, Fel Hunter, Succubus, Fel Guard, and sometimes a Fire Golem can be summoned.
A Lock should have Soul Shards for quite a few abilities. These could without difficulty be obtained though by using Drain Soul on an opponent.

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A Lock is very awesome in Player vs player combat given that he has a lot of damage over time (DoT) spells. If he to begin with casts a handful of DoT’s and then endlessly fears his opposing team while also his pet is seeking them around carrying out added damage, he mainly can win from most opponents. The Locks additionally currently have some nice AoE spells like a good number of other casters and currently have various other precise skills. One particular of them is the Ritual of Souls. Using this talent he makes a Soulwell which all the party and raid members can take advantage of to get a Healthstone, that instantly regenerates health when utilized. Warlocks can additionally produce a Soulstone on their selves or on different people. At the time the player drops dead he would certainly be able to rez. Last but not least is their power to summon other gamers which will come in very convenient from time to time.

If you will desire to have fun with playing a Lock you actually may consider among the following races: Gnome, Human, Orc, Undead, and Blood Elves. Possessing a WoW Leveling Guide will help out a great deal.

Presently there are three talent trees that every one enhance the Warlocks damage.

Allow us to get started with the Affliction talent tree. Favorite by many Player vs player Locks is the Affliction build purely because it focuses on the DoT spells of a Lock and also offers him a number of completely new ones. In addition the fear spells grow to be improved any time this build is implemented. The tactic of DoTing and then fearing like said in the past is fantastic for Player vs player combat.

And then you obtained the Demonology build that heightens the damage production of the Lock and even the Pets a person can summon. It also allows the Lock the talent to sacrifice his pet to help to make him tougher. This build is likewise decent for both Player vs environment and Player vs player combat. If the Demonology build is used until the finish you would certainly in fact be in a position to transfer into a Demon yourself. As a Demon you shall acquire a different set of abilities and come to be alot more of a melee character with amplified damage for a period of time.

The name states it all; The Destruction spec focuses on the destructive spells that do a good deal of damage like Shadowbolt and the Fire type spells. This build is developed to be capable to top damage meters with beneficial spells.

As a Lock anyone can certainly of course pick to make sort of a cross build between Demonology and Destruction which is also seen incredibly quite often.

Owning the Ultimate World Of Warcraft Guide is your most beneficial choice. You don't need to be caught with a unfavorable Warlock Leveling Guide. Never compromise for much less than the most effective WoW Leveling Guide.

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