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Alliance Leveling Guide

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Want your Draenei to breeze through the levels and start gearing up? Is your Night Elf taking too long to get capped? Then its time to get Dugi’s Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide for the Alliance.

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Get Geared (And Heirlooms) Before Cataclysm

Get to end game gearing as you breeze through the levels. And the real fun doesn’t begin til the end of leveling. Using a built in add-on as your guide, you’ll have the you’ll have everything you’ll need with walkthroughs, tips, etc. right there in front of you guiding your journey as you cap your character.

This is a walkthrough that’s been compiled, configured, and condensed since 2005 to give you the easiest and breeziest leveling experience possible. Supplying you with such features as automatic quest history tracking, waypoints, and step detection, you’ll never be in the woods so to speak.

Everything You Need

Scared you wont be given enough information? With detailed quest descriptions, you’ll have no more confusion about what exactly you need to do next. An added bonus is how the guides are organized. Unlike doing it strictly by level, each guide is devised into separate zone walkthroughs. So, if you happened to quest in one zone and end up being forced to fight off a few too many mobs leveling you faster, no worries. You can skip to the next zone guide to keep up with your level.

Includes Class Quests

You’ll never miss another class quest because you didn’t know the chain line or had already left that zone as the program guide automatically identifies your class, and adjusts to it so that you may level as well as keep your class quests in order as you continue you journey.

Talent Tree Spec Guides

Last, but not least, you are awarded a talent guide. So if your unsure as to how many points to put in your unholy, arms, resto, etc. tree and where to divvy up the points so you can either PvE or PvP to the best of your abilities, than no worries.

You’ll be leveling and destroying mobs like they were childs play and specing your tree to the best it can be for your class in no time as you level and spec your toon fast, easy, and properly.

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