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Hunter Leveling Guide

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Leveling a Hunter can be quite difficult. There is always 3 talent trees: Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Survival. So, which is the very best for leveling? What is the best spec to help you get to the level cap easiest and fastest?

Apart from the optimum tree and spec, what about areas and specific zones, quests, and dungeons? Sure, there's some addons nowadays that will actually tell you the shortest distance and order of quests depending on what you may have in your quest log, but those addons do not show you what quests are good and which of them are the best. They only reveal to you the shortest path to finish what you've selected. That is hardly efficient.

Dugi's Ultimate World Of Warcraft Guide is what you need. It's an addon which includes not just the ideal talent tree and spec for leveling your Hunter, but it also contains guides for leveling from level one all the way up to the level cap. This guide includes a GPS arrow which will show you the direction to go, the order of the quests, and show you exactly what to do so you don't even have to spend time reading the quest if you don't want to.

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